The Designer

Simplicity reveals the pure beauty

I remember myself as a child, observing my mother while creating her own clothes with a sewing machine.I was so impressed by the fact that she could choose a fabric from the market and within a couple of days she would wear it as a beautiful dress!

Over the years, the procedure of how a fabric can become something unique, became familiar to me, since my family owned a fashion business.

So, when I finished my studies in Social Policy at Panteion University of Athens, my Master in Media and after having my two children, I decided that it was time to transform my timeless inspiration through all these years, into something fresh. I had to create clothes I like to wear, clothes that make me feel beautiful, comfortable, but most importantly, happy!

A dream came true when in 2018, I founded and launched “Zoe Stergiou Fashion Brand”

The Brand is characterized by clean lines, a feminine but dynamic character, luxurious feel and pieces that are made to last beyond the season. All my collections are made in Greece from high quality, carefully chosen materials.

Through the connection of art with fashion and pret-a-porter with the uniqueness of haute couture, I create limited collections in numbered clothing pieces. Therefore, each one of you, will own a unique numbered piece, recognize the exclusivity of the garment and know how many pieces are on the market!

As I always get inspired through my emotions, you may easily understand my feelings through my collections. And I love to express myself, through my creations. The fact that I start from a point and I don’t know where it’s going to end, as feelings are unpredictable, for me, is so inspirational from itself!