Simplicity reveals the pure beauty

I remember myself as a child, observing my mother while creating her own clothes with a sewing machine.

I was so impressed by the fact that she could choose a fabric from the market and within a couple of days she would wear it as a beautiful dress.

Over the years, the procedure of how a fabric can become something unique, became familiar to me, since my family owned a fashion business.

So, when I grew up, I decided that it was time to transform my inspiration, into something fresh. I had to create the clothes I like to wear, clothes that make me feel comfortable, but more importantly, happy.

A dream came true when in 2018, I founded and launched Zoe Stergiou Fashion Brand. The Brand is characterized by clean lines, a feminine but dynamic character, luxurious feel and pieces that are made to last beyond the season.

All my Collections are made in Greece from high quality, carefully chosen materials.